Master of Design (M.Des) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

m.des subjects & syllabus
m.des subjects & syllabus

M.Des Subjects & Syllabus : – Master of Design (M.Des) Course Structure for Subjects M.Des 1st year Syllabus, M.Des 2nd year Syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – M.Des Semester I, M.Des Semester II, M.Des Semester III, M.Des Semester IV. We have also assigned the subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyse the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Master of Design (M.Des) each semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Master of Design (M.Des) curriculum is detailed below.

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Master of Design (M.Des) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

Master of Design (M.Des) Semester Wise Syllabus


M.Des Semester I

Master of Design (M.Des) 1st Years Syllabus – M.Des 1st Semester

Paper Code Subjects
DIL 711 Framework of Design
DIP 721 Design and Innovation Methods
DIP 731 Communication and presentation skills
DIP 741 Product Interface & Design
DIL 751 Form and Aesthetics PC
DIR 761 Training Social Immersion


M.Des Semester II

Master of Design (M.Des) 1st Years Syllabus – M.Des 2nd Semester

Paper Code Subjects
DIP 712 Computer Aided Product Detailing
DIP 722 Applied Ergonomics
DIL 732 Adv Mat Processes & Die Design
DID 792 Design Project1
DIR 801 Training Summer Internship
DIR 762 Vehicle Design
DIR 772 Transportation Design
DIL 782 Design for Usability


M.Des Semester III

Master of Design (M.Des) 2nd Years Syllabus – M.Des 3rd Semester

Paper Code Subjects
DID 891 Design Project
DIR 812 Media Studies
DIR 822 Design for Sustainability
DIR 832 Design for User Experience
DIV 820 Special Topics/Modules in Design
DIV 810 Special Topics in Design
DIP 712 Exhibitions and Environmental Design
DIL 842 Design Management and Professional Practice
DIR 852 Strategic Design Management
DIR 862 Design in Indian Context


M.Des Semester IV

Master of Design (M.Des) 2nd Years Syllabus – M.Des 4th Semester

Paper Code Subjects
DID 892 Industry/ Research Design Project.

As a general rule, the Master of Design (M.Des) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 2-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 4 semesters for the entire course.

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