What is Internet Speed Test and How To Do It?

In this post of internet, we will discuss many questions related to internet speed test such as what is internet speed testhow to do internet speed test on smartphone or tablet, what should be a good speed for internet etc.

The speed of the net of each network provider company is different, depending on how much access that network has in your area.

Internet Speed Test is done using a device’s Internet connection, to measure the speed between the device and the server SERVER, this means that you can get the result of a speed test on one device and the result of the speed test on another device differently, even if the same company providing the network is there.

What does Internet Speed Test mean?

What happens to internet speed test? Internet speed test is done from a single website or web application that measures the speed of the user’s internet connection.

Internet Speed Test reports about web application upload speed, download speed, bandwidth, ping, jitter, packet loss etc.

internet speed test
internet speed test


However, all these features depend on the Speed Test Web Application Host. Some speed test web application hosts only report on some of these parameters but network speed and bandwidth are standard.


internet speed test 3
internet speed test 3

Internet Speed Test is a process of analyzing broadband connection parameters by sending a small file from the server and measuring the time it takes to download and then uploading the file to the server.

At this time, many parameters such as upload speed, download speed, bandwidth, gator, packet loss are also calculated. Some internet speed tests also measure the ping ping hosts have from the sender of the message to his destination and time of return.


internet speed test 4
internet speed test 4

There are many host servers available around the world for good speed tests that allow the user to do a speed test of the internet of any network at different locations.

It is better to test the internet speed on the server that is close to the device, otherwise the speed reported by the server is not the actual working speed of the user.


What is a good speed for the internet?

Internet Speed Test can tell you what your system is currently allowing you to do on the Internet. This means that you can schedule your online activities according to the results of the speed test.


internet speed test 5
internet speed test 5


Internet connection speed is measured in Mbps and 1,000 Mbps is equal to 1 Gbps or gigabits per second. A good speed for the Internet is 25 Mbps or more because most of the online activity such as HD streaming, online gaming, web browsing and downloading songs and videos can be done on this internet speed.


What is good upload speed?

Upload speed determines how quickly you can transfer files and other content from your phone or computer to the Internet. Upload speeds are lower in most ISPs than download speeds.


internet speed test 6
internet speed test 6


If you have to regularly upload videos, photos and audio files online to the Internet i.e. all these uploading activities are part of your business, then you need a good upload speed to avoid wasting time.

Upload speeds of 10 Mbps or more are generally considered fast internet speeds for uploads because this speed can easily handle common upload activities for most users.


What is the normal Mbps?

For most people, 10 to 15 Mbps internet speed range is enough, but if you like to gaming or video streaming, then you need more internet speed than this.


How do I test my internet speed?

To check your internet speed i.e. to test internet speed, follow the steps given below –

  • Connect your computer to your router using an Ethernet cable or with WiFi.
  • Open your web browser on the computer.
  • Open this website – www.speedtest.net
  • Tap on “GO” and get your internet speed test result in a few minutes.

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