Jio Free Data Code Today – Jio Free Data 1GB, 10GB & 20GB

Jio Free Data Code: Today we are going to talk about Jio Free Data Code. Because since Jio 4G data has been launched in our country. Since that time, smartphone users have increased and a lot of people have started using Jio SIM, because they used to get 4G data cheaply in Jio SIM and the network was also good.

That’s why most people used Jio SIM only. But due to rising inflation, all telecom companies have increased the price of recharge. In such a situation, many people cannot recharge expensive plans and due to not getting more data, the data balance ends quickly.

jio data free
jio data free

In this way, we have brought Jio Free Data Code & Numbers for you. Using which you can easily get mobile data up to 1GB, 10GB or 20GB. But this offer is limited for some time. So use it as soon as possible.

Jio Free Data Code 2024

Jio has brought free data codes and numbers for SIM users. Using which you can get a free data. It will come in handy at that time. When your data suddenly runs out and you need a lot of mobile data. At such a time, you can get data for free using these codes.

jio data esizeim
jio data esizeim

The code and number are given below to get Jio free data. Offer with him and who is eligible. It has also been reported. You can learn about all these codes in detail below.

Jio Free Data Offer Codes & Numbers Eligibility
2GB Data Call 1299 New Users
Jio Free Data Dial 121 New Users
USSD Code *800*888# All User Offers
Data Number Dial 123356 Select Users
Free Data Bonus 1st UPI Transaction New Users


Jio Free 1GB Data Code 2024

Jio free 1GB removed code, you will not get it anywhere. Even if you search the whole internet or YouTube, but you will not get Jio Free 1GB Data Code. Because this type of code does not exist anywhere. Even if such a code is found, it is not real.

jio me free data kaise paye
jio free data

You must have seen many such articles on the Internet and videos on YouTube. In which you promise to give 1GB internet data code for free. But they tell anything in it and it doesn’t work. All these related articles and videos are made more because they get a lot of views on it and they earn money.


Jio Free Data Miss Call Number

Jio free data can get mobile data for free by using missed call number. But this missed call number works in only a few SIMs. For this, only a few of you will get data for free. But all people will try Jio Free Data Code Miss Call Number once, because most people get data.

For this, first of all, you have to open the Dial Pad of your mobile. After that, dial 1299 and connect the call. When your call is connected, the 2 ring call will be disconnected. After that, data will be given between 1GB to 10GB on your Jio number. Whose validity will be one month.


How to get free data in Jio?

There are many ways to get Jio free data. Through which you can get mobile data for free. In earlier times, Free Data Code was given. Which used to get 2-4GB data. But at present, free data code is not available. If the free data code will be given by the SIM company, then we will definitely share it with you here.

jio q1 featured 760x570
jio q1 featured 760×570

You can get free data by doing surveys and playing games on the Jio app. But for this, you have to take some time out of your time, only then you can get data for free. What are the ways by which you can get free data from Jio app? That is explained in detail below.


1. Win free 1GB data by playing Jio Oreo game

To get 1GB data for free, Jio Oreo Pledge Game has to be played on the Jio app. Which gives you a chance to win data from 100MB to 1GB. When you win the data, your Jio account is credited immediately. If you become a lucky winner, then Dhoni’s merchandise will also be given.

  • There will be a chance to win 100MB to 1GB data for free.
  • The lucky winner will be given Dhoni Merchandise.


2. Win free 2GB data with Jio Cadbury offer

You can also win 2GB data for free by participating in the Jio Cadbury Offer. In this, you will first be shown a short video and then ask some questions related to that video. It has to be answered correctly, because up to 2GB will be scolded according to the answer to your given questions. Follow the procedure below to avail this Cadbury offer.

  • First of all, you have to open the My Jio app.
  • After that, click on the banner of Jio Cadbury.
  • Now you will get to see the short video.
  • After that, the questions related to the video have to be answered.
  • Now according to your given answer, up to 2GB of data will be available.


3. Live up to 20GB data for free on Jio

Jio SIM company has brought a new offer. In which you are being given a chance to win up to 20GB of internet data for free. You will get this offer only on the MyJio app. Apart from this, it will not be found anywhere. If you do not have the MyJio app in your mobile, then download it from Playstore.

After that, click on the banner of this offer and participate in the Lucky Draw. If you are a lucky winner, you will be given 20GB of data for free. Which will be in the form of a voucher and can be redeemed anytime.


FAQ’S On Jio Free Data Code

Does Jio give free data?

Jio does not give you free data

How to recharge for free in Jio?

New users in Jio can recharge for free by giving a missed call on 1299.

Jio free 1GB data code

Jio free 1GB data code is not working at present.



In this article, almost complete information about Jio Free Data Code has been given. I hope you have come to know how people are being fooled in the name of free data code in the present time. If you have free time, you can get a free scolding by completing small transs on the MyJio App.

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