Vi Free Data Code 2024, Get V! Unlimited Free 4G Data Daily

Hello friends, today I am going to give you information about vi free data trick 2024, if you are running vi sim, using vodafone or idea sim and searching for vi free data code 2024 or number, then you have come to the right place, this post is for you, you will definitely like this post because in this post I have made vi free I have told about the data code, that too not one but I have brought 10 such tricks for you, using which you can use unlimited free 4G internet on vi number.

vi free data tricks
vi free data tricks
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To get Vi Free Data, call 121363 from your vi number, press 5 on asking to claim the offer and in a short time free 1GB data will be added to your vi number.

vi free data
vi free data

To compete with other telecom operators like Jio and Airtel, Vi also brings new offers for its users every day, that cheap recharge plan so that it can be successful in reaching new users in India. Saturday and Sunday are available for use on weekends. ”

Vi free data tricks 2024

Vodafone and Idea Company have always been offering the cheapest mobile recharge and data plan for the convenience of their customers and since the merger of these two companies, the Vi network has become even stronger. Today I will tell you about Vi Free Data Code Tricks so that you will be able to run free internet on your Vi number, if you also have Vi number. If you want to run free internet, then its trick is described below, by reading carefully, you can also enjoy free internet.

paytm vi
paytm vi

“Friends, if you use Jio SIM or are using Airtel SIM, then we have told about Jio free 1GB data code 2024 and Airtel free data code 2024 in our previous post, which you can also see here. ”


1. Vi 1 GB free data offer for 28 days

  1. First of all, call the 121363 from your VI number.
  2. Now listen carefully to all the mentioned things and press 5 to claim the offer.
  3. In a short time, free 1GB data will be added to your number.
  4. In this way, you will continue to get 1GB data per day for the next 28 days.


2. How to get vi 10 GB free 4G data

  1. You call by typing 121365 from your phone.
  2. Now listen carefully to all the offers mentioned on IVR.
  3. If 10GB free data offer is available on your number, then you will get 10GB free data in a short time and you will be informed about it through SMS.
  4. If you want to see the net balance, then you can see it in the vi app.


3. Chat with vi care and get 14 GB data for free

  1. To chat with Vi Care, save this number 9654297000 in your mobile, which is the WhatsApp number of Vi Care.
  2. Install WhatsApp on your phone or use web WhatsApp to chat.
  3. Now share your Vi Network experience in the chat box.
  4. If you are lucky then you will soon get free 14 GB data or unlimited calling on your Vodafone or Idea number and then you will be able to enjoy it.


4. Vi free internet offer register and get 1GB 4G data

  1. For this, first of all, download and install the Vi app in your mobile phone.
  2. Open the app once it is installed.
  3. Now login to the account by entering your mobile number.
  4. On the home page of this, you will see the offer banner, click on it.
  5. Then click on the activate button.
  6. Now you will be credited 1GB data to your vi sim number.


5. How to get vi 150 GB free data 4G net for 6 months

First of all, you have to download and install the Vi app, after that sign up the account with your Vodafone or Idea number, now you have to order a VIP number for a new SIM, you can get 150 GB free data with some of its selected recharge plans, but there are some terms and conditions for this which are as follows-

Vi 150 free data terms & conditions

  • This offer is valid only on ordering a new VIP number.
  • The free data will be added to your number within 24 hours.
  • This offer is available for all new and old users.
  • You will not be able to take advantage of this offer by porting the number.


6. Browse unlimited 4G internet at 12 AM to 6 AM per day

vi app
vi app

If you use Vodafone or Idea SIM, you can avail high speed 4G internet from 12:00 am to 6:00 am under the Vi Binge All Night offer but this offer is only available on recharge of ₹ 249 or more.


7. Vi free data 1GB missed call number 

Vodafone and Idea Telecom Company will offer free 1GB/1GB data for their new Vi users. 2GB data offer has been launched, for this one has to call the toll free number and this data remains valid for 24 hours.

Prerequisites for availing the offer-

  • Vodafone Idea network must have prepaid SIM.
  • Your SIM and mobile phone must have a 4G network.
  • Open the dial pad of your mobile phone and call 121249 toll free number.
  • After making the call, a computerized voice will be heard saying that you will get 1GB/month. 2GB free data will be received, the free data offer is valid only till 12 o’clock in the night, press 1 to get its benefit.


8. How to get 10GB vi free data for 7 days | how to get 10 GB vi free data for 7 days

Vi is crediting free 10 GB data to the account for its users, if you use Vodafone-Idea, check your message box or email box immediately now, if you have received a message of free data, then you can check your data balance using my Vodafone app or Idea app.

amazon vi
amazon vi

Note – This Vi free data offer is currently available to only a few users, if you want, you can also try your luck-

  • First of all, go to the Google Play Store and download the My Vi App and install it.
  • After this, open this app and write your 10 digit mobile number and verify it with One Time Password (OTP).
  • Now you get 7GB/4GB data for 7 days. You will get a message about 10GB free data offer.
  • If you receive a message it means that you are eligible to use this offer.
  • And once again open the vi app and check your 10GB data balance and enjoy.


9. Vi free data ussd code 2024

If you are not satisfied with the methods mentioned above, then you can try using this free USSD code, it can be helpful for you to get free data.

#111* Free data number 7GB/month for 7 days Get 10GB free.

If you exhaust the entire 10GB data in 1 day, then you will not be given free data next time.



In this post, information about Vi Free Data 2024 has been given in which Vi Free Data Code 2024, Vi Free Data Trick in , Vi Free Data USSD Code, Vi Free Data 1GB Missed Call Number, Vi 1GB Free Data Offer has been told. Comment and subscribe to keep getting similar information.


1. How to get 1GB data free in Vi?

To get Vi Free 1 GB Data, call 121363 from your vi number, press 5 on asking to claim the offer and in a short time free 1GB data will be added to your vi number.

2. What is Vi free data ussd code?

Vi free data is USSD code #111* using which 7GB/s is available for 7 days. 10GB free data will be given.

3. How to get 2GB free data on Vi?

Open the dial pad of your Vi mobile phone and call 121249 toll free number. After making the call, a computerized voice will be heard saying that you will get 1GB/month. 2GB free data will be received.

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