BBS Syllabus, Subjects, All Semester 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year

BBS Subjects & Syllabus : – Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Course Structure for Subjects BBS 1st year Syllabus, BBS 2nd year Syllabus, BBS 3rd year Syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – BBS Semester I, BBS Semester II, BBS Semester III, BBS Semester IV, BBS Semester V, BBS Semester VI. We have also assigned the subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyse the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) each semester. This course all subjects and syllabus can be availed semester by semester as given below – B.B.S. 1st Semester, B.B.S. 2nd Semester, B.B.S. 3rd Semester, B.B.S. 4th Semester, B.B.S. 5th Semester and B.B.S. 6th Semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) curriculum is detailed below.


bbs syllabus
bbs syllabus

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Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

bbs subjects & syllabus
bbs subjects & syllabus

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Semester Wise Syllabus

BBS Semester I

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 1st Years Syllabus – 1st Semester


  • Business Communication (BBS 101)
  • Fundamentals of Management (BBS 102)
  • Business Statistics and Applications (BBS 103)
  • Financial Accounting (BBS 104)
  • Computer Practical (BBS 105)


BBS Semester II

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 1st Years Syllabus – 2nd Semester


  • Organizational Behavior (BBS 201)
  • Public Relations and Corporate Image (BBS 202)
  • Business Economics-I (BBS 203)
  • Information Technology for Business (BBS 204)
  • Computer Practical (BBS 205)


BBS Semester III

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 2nd Years Syllabus – 3rd Semester


  • Marketing Management (BBS 301)
  • Quantitative Techniques for Management (BBS 302)
  • Business Economics-II (BBS 303)
  • Cost & Management Accounting (BBS 304)
  • Computer Practical (BBS 305)


BBS Semester IV

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 2nd Years Syllabus – 4th Semester


  • Human Resource Management (BBS 401)
  • Business Research (BBS 402)
  • Production & Operations Management (BBS 403)
  • Financial Management (BBS 404)
  • Computer Practical (BBS 405)


BBS Semester V

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 3rd Years Syllabus – 5th Semester


  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (BBS 501)
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship (BBS 502)
  • Elective Paper F-1/M-1/H-1 (BBS 503)
  • Elective Paper F-2/M-2/H-2 (BBS 504)
  • Computer Practical (BBS 505)

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BBS Semester VI

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 3rd Years Syllabus – 6th Semester


  • Business Policy & Strategy (BBS 601)
  • Legal Aspects of Business (BBS 602)
  • Elective Paper F-3/M-3/H-3 (BBS 603)
  • Elective Paper F-4/M-4/H-4 (BBS 604)
  • Project Submission (Functional Specialization) (BBS 605)


The Elective papers in the functional specialization will be as follows : – 

BBS Finance

  • F-1: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.
  • F-2: International Finance.
  • F-3: Financial Market and Services.
  • F-4: Income Tax and Planning.


BBS Marketing

  • M-1: Consumer Behaviour.
  • M-2: Personal Selling and Sales Force Management.
  • M-3: Advertising and Brand Management.
  • M-4: Retail Management.


BBS Human Resource Management

  • H-1: Training and Management Development.
  • H-2: Performance and Compensation Management Systems.
  • H-3: Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation.
  • H-4: International Human Resource Management.

As a general rule, the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 3-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 6 semesters for the entire course. You are kindly informed that these course syllabus terms – BBS First Semester, BBS Second Semester, BBS Third Semester, BBS Fourth Semester, BBS Fifth Semester and BBS Sixth Semester given here are for reference only. You will follow your college or university subjects and syllabus so that there is no difficulty in your studies.

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