BEM Syllabus, Subjects, All Semester 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year

BEM Subjects & Syllabus : – Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) Course Structure for Subjects BEM 1st year syllabus, BEM 2nd year syllabus, BEM 3rd year syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – BEM Semester I, BEM Semester II, BEM Semester III, BEM Semester IV, BEM Semester V, BEM Semester VI. We have also assigned the Subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyse the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) each semester. This course all subjects and syllabus can be availed semester by semester as given below – B.E.M. 1st Semester, B.E.M. 2nd Semester, B.E.M. 3rd Semester, B.E.M. 4th Semester, B.E.M. 5th Semester and B.E.M. 6th Semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) curriculum is detailed below.


bem syllabus
bem syllabus

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Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

bem subjects & syllabus
bem subjects & syllabus

Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) SUBJECTS – 1ST YEAR

Paper Code Subjects
BEM 011 Computer Fundamentals
BEM 021 Personal Development & Communication Skills
BEM 031 Principles Of Event Management
BEM 041 Organization Of Events, Values & Ethics Of Event Industry
BEM 051 Cost Accounting & Budgeting Of Events (Basic)


Computer Fundamentals – BEM 011

  • Computer assisted instructions, packages, architecture, use of computers in events


Personal Development & Communication Skills – BEM 021

Unit I : – Personnel grooming, expression, bearing, body language.

Unit II : – Written communications, (Official, demi-official, Invoice, tender, proposal). Verbal communications


Principles Of Event Management – BEM 031

  • Historical Perspective, Introduction to event Management,
  • Size & type of event, Event Team, Code of ethics, Principles of event Management, concept & designing. Analysis of concept, Logistics of concept.


Organization Of Events, Values & Ethics Of Event Industry – BEM 041

  • Code of ethics, professional association
  • Concept, theme, Fabrication, light & sound, handling venders


Cost Accounting & Budgeting Of Events (Basic)  – BEM 051

Unit I : – Meaning and scope of Accounting Accounting as an information system, Financial accounting definition and nature, Objective of accounting.

Unit II : – Accounting principles : Basic concept, Accounting standards Budget, break even point, cash flow analysis, Profit & loss statement, balance sheet, Panic payments , financial control systems.


Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) SUBJECTS 2ND YEAR

Paper Code Subjects
BEM 111 Organizational Behavior
BEM 121 Event Marketing Management
BEM 131 Human Resource Management – Event Industry
BEM 141 Business ENvironment
BEM 151 Event Laws & Licenses


Organizational Behavior BEM – 111

Unit I : – Meaning, Concepts, Challenges & O.B. Model individual difference & Learning Theories. Job Satisfaction and Commitment, Personality and Behavior, emotional intelligence. Perception and Attribution, Behavioral decision making, participating decision making.

Unit II : – Theories of Motivation Goal Setting, Benefits, Group Structure, Group decision making, Effective Team, Managing Team, Processes and Issues, Theories and issues. Basis of Power, Conflict Process, Organizational Design, Nature & Dynamics, Managing Change, Work Stress.


Event Marketing Management – BEM 121

Unit I : – Objectives : To introduce the students with basic concepts of marketing, various orientation that guide marketing and its key concepts, modern marketing – customer relationship management.

Unit II : – Market, Marketing & Marketing Environment, Introduction – Meaning, Importance, Modern marketing concept, Social marketing, marketing process, functions, integrated marketing, marketing mix, relevance of marketing in a developing economy. Marketing Environment – Meaning, Definition, threats & Opportunities, Organisational Environment, Social-Cultural Environment.

Unit III : – Market Segmentation : Meaning and Definition, Ways to segment : No Segmentation, Complete Segmentation, Segmentation according to income, age, literacy etc. Characteristics of effective segmentation, Strategies towards market segmentation. event development and event Life Cycle – Meaning, Process, Product concept, Advertising and Sales Promotion : Meaning, Publicity, Propaganda, Sales promotion, and personal selling, Advertising effectiveness, Sales Promotion, Methods of Sales Promotion.


Human Resource Management Event Industry  – BEM 131

Unit I : – HRM : Introduction, Definition, Objectives, Scope and Significance, Human Resource Planning, Career Planning and Succession Planning.

Unit II: – Recruitment – Methods and Techniques, Selection Process, Induction, Transfer, Promotion & Separations. Manpower Training and Development, Performance Appraisal. Employee Welfare and Benefits, Industrial Relations and Trade Unions, Dispute Resolution and Grievances Management. Suggested Reading


Business Environment Events – BEM 141

Unit I : – Objectives : To create an awareness of the external environment including the role of government and its impact on events. Introduction to Business Environment, Nature of Business environment; Environmental factors affecting business and their interaction, consumerism and other environmentalist movements; socio cultural factors affecting business decision.

Unit II : – Economical Environment of Business, salient features of the Indian economy; inflation and its impact on business, emerging trends and structure of Indian economy; Political Environment of Business, Economic role of government planning in India and its implications for business decision.

Event Laws & Licenses – BEM 151

  • Relevant legislations, liquor licenses, trade acts, stake holders and official bodies, contracts

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Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) SUBJECTS 3RD YEAR

Paper Code Subjects
BEM 211 Event Logistics
BEM 221 Production & Sponsorship
BEM 231 Event Concept & Designing
BEM 241 Special Events
BEM 251 Project Report & viva – voce

Event Logistics – BEM 211

  • Logistic policy, procedures, performance standards functional areas, motivation and leadership of logistics.

Production & Sponsorship – BEM 221

  • Concept, theme, Fabrication, light & sound, handling venders proposal, event flow, team delegation, Sponsorship principles, terms and condition, branding and coordination.


Event Concept & Designing – BEM 231

  • Developing the concept, analysis of concept, Types and categories, Designing the event , logistics of concept, case studies.


Special Events – BEM 241

  • Aim of event , Types and category, Sports, Rallies, Wedding corporate events, Develop a mission, Establish Objectives Preparing event proposal, Use of planning tools.

Project Report & viva

As a general rule, the Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 3-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 6 semesters for the entire course. You are kindly informed that these course syllabus terms – BEM First Semester, BEM Second Semester, BEM Third Semester, BEM Fourth Semester, BEM Fifth Semester and BEM Sixth Semester given here are for reference only. You will follow your college or university subjects and syllabus so that there is no difficulty in your studies.

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