How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram (Know Secret Ways)

Increase Real Followers on Instagram: Do you also want to increase real followers on your Instagram account? That’s because of followers, so everyone takes a big take on their Instagram account in some way or the other. But those followers are of no use, but are just for name and show.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

So in today’s blog post, you will find how to increase followers on Instagram in an organic way. We’re going to tell you about that. Which will not only increase your real followers, but also increase the reach of your account through those followers.

Because of which you can also earn money. We have told about this in a separate post how to earn money from Instagram. In which you will find good ways to earn a lot of money.

So let’s not talk much now and start this article today. In which you will learn how to increase followers on Instagram in an organic way.

Instagram Real Followers Increase

You don’t need to use any application to increase real followers on Instagram in an organic way. You can increase followers even without that. But for this, you have to follow some settings and tricks on Instagram.

After which the reach on your post and reel will also increase. Due to which your post and rail will also start going viral. You must know this. That’s why you have to increase real followers in an organic way, so that it is mostly active on your account. This keeps your posts more likely to go viral.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

If you also want to increase active followers on your Instagram account, then for that, you will tell you below to implement the method on your Instagram account. Due to which a lot of followers will start increasing on your account in an organic way.

1. Select a nice little niche for Instagram account

When you think of doing content creation on Instagram. Before that, you should choose one of the categories or Below. So that you will have the same kind of audience on Instagram account. This will benefit you that most people will see all your posts.

If that’s your Instagram followers or have just started creating content. In such a situation, you should not select Mutli Below. Because not all followers will like your content, because everyone has their own different interests.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

On the other hand, if you have a single niche, then everyone will see your post. Because they followed only when they liked your content. This will increase engagement on your Instagram ID and your account will grow as quickly as possible.


Best Instagram Niches For Quick Growth

If you do not understand which niche to start content creation on Instagram, then I will tell you about some niches. On which you can get quick growth by working. Those niches are explained below.

  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Memes
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Make Money

2. Convert Instagram Account to Professional Account

When you create your account on Instagram, it is in the Normal Account. You have to switch it to a professional account. Due to which you get many tools and also get a lot of options to make the post SEO Friendly.

Whenever you switch your Instagram account to a professional account, it will ask you whether to have a business account or a creator account. If you are creating an Instagram account for your business, select Business Account. Otherwise, you have to select the Creator Account.

If you have your own personal account on Instagram, then you can keep it in the Normal Account. But if you are a content creator or want to grow your business through Instagram, then you should convert your account into a professional account.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

If you have a professional account on Instagram, then you can do SEO well on the post. Due to which there are more chances of increasing the reach of your post. Because of that, your reels can also go viral and then your account will also grow quickly.

3. Optimize Instagram Profile Well

If you want real followers for free on Instagram, then for this you have to optimize your profile. Therefore, after optimizing the profile, the look of the account changes. Which looks very professional.

People who will come to your Instagram ID. Most of them will follow you. So that seeing your ID will be impressed and will follow you. If that’s not the professional look of your Instagram ID, most people won’t follow.

A lot of changes will have to be made to optimize your profile. But before that, if you have not yet switched your Instagram ID to a professional account, then do that first.

After that, follow the tips given below. In which many things have been told. After implementing them in your profile, your account will be optimized and will start looking professional.

Add Bio – First of all, you have to add Bio to your Instagram profile. Because whoever opens your Instagram ID, most of them see your bio. Which lets them know what your Instagram account is for and follow you accordingly.

Social Media Link – You have to give a link to another social media profile in the bio of your Instagram account. Which will get to know your followers better and trust will also increase on you.

Highlights – To make your Instagram account look professional, you have to put Highlights in the profile. This will make it happen that people who are coming to your account for the first time. They will be attracted to see and follow your account.

4. Upload Quality Content

In today’s time, it is very important to have quality content on social media. Without this, you can not grow, because you know how much competition is full on social media. In such a situation, who will see your useless content.

You must have heard from many content creators that focus on quality more than quantity. If you put more and more posts, rails and stories in your Instagram account. It is not going to benefit you much.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

That’s why you have to put less content. But it should be high quality content. Seeing which the user is satisfied. After that, see how your Instagram account grows like Rocket. Here many people will have confusion about quality content.

So let me tell you what to keep in mind for quality content. First of all, your post should always be in HD quality. Then put Joe Reels. It should be editing in a professional manner. Whatever content you put in, people should benefit from it.

5. Put regular content on Instagram

On Instagram, you have to regularly put content related to your niche. It is very important for you to do this. Because if you do not put regular content on Instagram, then the followers will feel that you are not active and gradually the followers will start unfollowing you.

If you want to increase followers not only on Instagram but also on other social media platforms in an organic way, then you have to post your regular content for that. Only then will you be able to grow on that platform.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

I have seen many such creators. Those who have stopped posting content due to not getting a good response. But you don’t have to. Posting content with consistency every day. Due to which you will gradually get a response and some day you will definitely see good growth.

6. You have to add more and more reels

In today’s time, if you look at any social media platform, most short videos i.e. reels are running. People who are making long videos and putting it. They are getting very little response compared to short videos.

Right now most people are almost preferring to watch reels. Because there is a short video and their time is also less. They also get information from them. This is the reason why most people like to watch reels in today’s time.

If you’re not making reels, start today. This is going to increase your followers a lot, because at the moment everyone is crazy about reels. But many people will already be making reels. Such people start making a little more reels. Which will get you more followers.

When making Reels on Instagram, you have to pay a lot of attention to one thing. That is that your reels should be absolutely pro level editing and interesting, only then your reels will go viral and you will get a lot of followers.

7. Use Hashtags

You must use #Hashtag to increase followers on Instagram. This helps your post reach a targeted audience. Which gives you very genuine followers. You may feel strange to hear all this. But definitely try it once and see.

So let me tell you how to use hashtags. I also tell you. Which will make it easier for you to understand. For example, suppose you put a post on the health-related Instagram, then you have to use #Hashtag like #health, #healthcare and #healthtips in your post.

All this #Hashtag you have to use from uploading any post on Instagram. This will take #Hashtag in your post and that post will mostly see the target audience. This will increase the chances of increasing followers on your account.

8. Publish Stories on Instagram

One of the best features of Instagram is Instagram Stories. I think most people will know about it. It appears at the top of Instagram. Instagram Stories are only visible to those people. Those who have already followed you.

But this is a very amazing feature. This keeps Instagram followers connected to you. They get to know about any upcoming updates through Instagram Stories. Due to which your account also gets a lot of reach.

How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram
How to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

So you too put at least 1 Stories daily on your Instagram from today. So that your followers will already know about the upcoming new updates. This will increase the engagement of your account and new people will also follow you.

9. Collaborate with other creators

On Instagram, you can increase followers as quickly as possible by collaborating with other creators. This is a very good way. But whoever you are collaborating with. It should be of your Same Niche or Category.

But the question must be coming in your mind that creators charge money for collaboration. That’s right. If your Instagram account has 10k to 15k followers, then you have to find a small creator. Whose followers are almost as much or slightly more than yours.

They will collaborate with you for free. That will make you whatever post you created together. Their followers will come and see the post and follow your account. In this way, collaborating will get more followers on your Instagram ID in a very short time.


What time to post on Instagram

You can go to the Professional Dashboard of your Instagram account and see at what time your audience is more active. Post accordingly

What kind of post to post to increase followers on Instagram

To increase followers on Instagram, you should post on trending things.

Can you earn money by increasing followers on Instagram?

By increasing followers on Instagram, you can earn a lot of money through sponsorship.


In this article, we will tell you how to increase followers on Instagram. Complete information about it has been given in very good and simple language. I hope you liked reading this post a lot. If you adopt the method described on your Instagram ID, then you will get more followers in a very short time.

If you enjoyed reading this article of mine, then definitely share it with your friends on social media. If you have any questions related to this, then you can ask below by commenting.

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