What is Jio AirFiber? Plan, Price and Availability

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First the internet reached every house, and now Jio AirFiber has come for how to use the internet fast and without connection to the house.

Reliance Group Chairman and Jio owner Mukesh Ambani announced in (RIL 46th AGM 2023) that Jio AirFiber was launched across the country on Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. 19 September 2023. So let’s know what is Jio AirFiber.

Today we are going to give you information about Jio AirFiber. What is Jio Air Fiber, and how is it used, and how will it benefit us?


About Jio AirFiber

Device Name Jio Airfiber
Release Date 19 September 2023
technical Wireless 5G
price ₹599
Website jio.com
jio airfiber
jio airfiber

What is Jio AirFiber?

Jio AirFiber is an ultra-high speed fixed broadband solution, which provides fast speeds like fiber wirelessly.

Jio provides wireless broadband service to homes and offices, using Air Fiber, 5G network and the best wireless technology.

Jio AirFiber is a simple plug-and-play device that can be used wirelessly with 5G connectivity for cloud gaming, immersive sports viewing and many such tasks.

With Jio AirFiber, you will get ultra-fast broadband speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps without the hassle of cabling. Jio AirFiber aims to provide high-speed internet at affordable rates for Indians.


How does Jio AirFiber work?

No wire is used in this. Also, Jio AirFiber will also have so much bandwidth that it can connect many devices at home or office, and even then you will get high speed internet facility.

It is a 5G wireless Wi-Fi solution that provides fast internet facility in remote areas. It is a plug-and-play device with built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology, which can connect 64 devices at once.

Jio Air Fiber is a service in which users will get high-speed internet without traditional wire (cable). This service is similar to Elon Musk’s Starlink.

A small antenna for any Jio Air Fiber will be installed in the user’s building. It will receive the signal directly from the nearby Reliance tower. This will provide fixed and fast wireless connections.

This will change the way you access the internet at your home. Now there’s no need to deal with the cables or wires passing through your home. Jio AirFiber is using state-of-the-art wireless technology to deliver superfast broadband speeds wirelessly at your home.


You will get fast internet speed.

The new Jio Air Fiber service will work largely like WiFi hotspots do right now. It will be portable and can be kept from one place to another like a smartphone.

It is clear that in such a situation, there will be no problem related to connectivity range. There are indications that this device will be made part of the market with WiFi 6 support and will get speeds up to 1Gbps.

This wireless device can be used for home as well as office. Hotspot device Jio AirFiber can be easily connected to computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

With the Jio Air Fiber device, the internet can be used at the same ultra-fast speed in the whole house. With this device, high-end gaming and high-quality videos can also be played without any lag.

This is going to be a portable wireless broadband service, which you can easily setup and use.


Features and Benefits of Jio AirFiber.


High speed internet.

With Jio AirFiber, you can enjoy high speed internet facility ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. It will help you access 4K video streaming, online gaming and video conferencing.


Low price

Jio AirFiber is very affordable. It is being said that it can start from an initial price of ₹ 3,999 and you can choose an initial monthly rental plan of ₹ 599 in it.

Jio AirFiber is a great option that provides superfast broadband connectivity in your home at high speed and affordable price. If you want a better internet speed at an affordable price then this can be a good option for you.


When will Jio AirFiber be launched?

The launch date of Jio AirFiber has been announced. Jio AirFiber was launched across the country on Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. 19 September 2023.

Jio AirFiber will be a wireless broadband service that will be used using Jio’s 5G network. It will work like a fiber optics cable but without cable. This means that you will not need to keep any dish or router in your home.


What is the price of Jio AirFiber?

You can see the price of Jio AirFiber below.


AirFiber Plans

plan Validity Speed data THERE
₹599 30 Days 30 Mbps Unlimited 14
₹899 30 Days 100 Mbps Unlimited 14
₹1199 30 Days 100 Mbps Unlimited 16


AirFiber Max Plans

plan Validity Speed data THERE
₹1499 30 Days 300 Mbps Unlimited 16
₹2499 30 Days 500 Mbps Unlimited 16
₹3999 30 Days 1 Gbps Unlimited 16



Today we gave you the necessary information to know about Jio AirFiber and its upcoming launch. This new way to get high-speed internet connectivity in your home without any cables is quite exciting.

The price and plans also seem quite affordable, especially if you are already a Jio mobile subscriber. Keep an eye on Jio’s announcements for availability updates in your region.

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