Vi Free Data, Vodafone Idea Free 5GB Data 2024

Vodafone Idea has launched a new bombshell for all its customers, under which Vodafone Idea is now giving 5GB data for free to all its customers, if you also want 5GB data for free and use Vodafone Idea’s SIM, then you can also get 5GB data for free under this offer.

How to get free data of Vodafone Idea and 5GB? Information about how to get data for free is explained in this post.

vi app
vi app
Vi Free Data offer

Vi Free Data 2024

As you know, Vodafone Idea always keeps giving free data to its customers and mostly it keeps giving free data to all its customers. if you use Vodafone Idea‘s SIM, then you must know that Vodafone-Idea gets the benefit of using unlimited data from 12:00 to 6:00 in the night.

In such a situation, in view of the competition in the customers and the market, Vodafone Idea has taken out a new offer, under which now if you recharge any of your Vodafone Idea numbers with the VI app.

vi free data tricks
vi free data tricks

you will get 5GB data for free, any other Idea customer can take advantage of this new offer and get 5GB data for free by recharging from VI APP.


How to get free data?

The information about how to claim 5GB data from Vodafone-Idea application is mentioned below, you can get 5GB data for free by following all the steps-

vi free data
vi free data
  • First of all, you have to download the VI app from the Play Store.
  • Now after this, you have to login with your Vodafone-Idea mobile number.
  • Now to get 5GB data for free, you have to recharge any unlimited plan from Vodafone-Idea application.
  • As soon as you recharge, you will get 5GB data for free.

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