MBA Subjects Finance, Marketing, HR 1st, 2nd Year

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular master programs in India and abroad. The program opens the doors to many employment opportunities for students. Candidates who take the MBA program learn a lot about the different subjects in the curriculum.

MBA is a 2year(total 4 Sem) course. The first year curriculum for all MBA universities in India will be the same for all MBA specializations. Core topics such as business law, entrepreneurship and many more are covered. During the second year of the program, topics are covered based on the MBA specialization chosen by the candidates.


mba subjects
mba subjects

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Details of MBA subjects

➜ Course : MBA
➜ Type of Degree / Graduation : Post-Graduation
➜ Duration : 2 years
➜ Semesters : 4 Semesters
➜ Papers : 7-8 papers in each semester
➜ Marks : 100 marks each paper
➜ Specialisations : Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), IT
➜ Mode of Education : Regular, Distance Mode

In addition, there are several compulsory electives available to students that they can choose according to their interests. The Master of Business Administration, popularly known as MBA, is the most prestigious degree in India and a benchmark for the success of the new generation.

Tens of thousands of students take various entrance exams in hopes of an illustrious and brilliant career to get into the best Business schools in India. An MBA Degree is a safe option if you want to be successful both professionally and personally in the life.  We say personal life because it’s very easy to find out your interesting partner with a fancy MBA degree in hand!


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course Overview

➜ Economics
➜ Quantitative techniques
➜ Finance
➜ Marketing
➜ Operation
➜ Strategy
➜ Human resource

The MBA Finance Course is a two-year graduate course conducted by students pursuing careers in financial management. Currently, MBA Finance admissions are held at the best MBA universities in India. Admission to the MBA Finance course is based on national or state entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, and the like.1st and 2nd year Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses in Finance, Marketing, HR are offered here.

The MBA (semester) curriculum for various universities and colleges are listed below. In the first year of the MBA, all subjects are the same for MBA students in finance, marketing and human resources. MBA Finance is a 2 (total 4 sem) year professional management degree. It is a specialization of the regular MBA program. The MBA Finance degree provides students with the financial world, market trends, economic trends, etc.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Semester wise Overview


MBA Semester I

➜ Micro-economics
➜ Corporate Social Responsibility
➜ Principles of accounting
➜ Principles of marketing management
➜ Tools and frameworks for decision making
➜ Quantitative methods and statistics
➜ Business communication and soft skills
➜ Organizational behavior-1


MBA Semester II

➜ Macroeconomics
➜ Business law
➜ Operations management
➜ Corporate finance
➜ Optimization and project research
➜ Organizational behaviour-2
➜ Marketing management
➜ Project management


MBA Semester III

➜ Financial modeling
➜ Supply chain management
➜ Business intelligence
➜ Strategic management
➜ Managerial economics
➜ Marketing search
➜ Corporate governance and business ethics
➜ Corporate finance-2

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MBA Semester IV

➜ Internship Projects

After successfully completing the MBA Finance course, candidates can work as investment bankers, financial analysts, account managers, bank managers, research analysts, and many more. The average salary for an MBA in Finance graduate is between INR 58 LPA. Subjects and majors differ from one university to another.

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide a candidate with leadership and entrepreneurial skills while also providing knowledge on various business-related topics in their profession.

This article covers all the major topics and also the curriculum that is covered in the MBA program. And this is a wrongly sought trend not only in India. Successful people like CEOs, top government officials like the RBI governor, and successful entrepreneurs who have changed the way business is done come from the best IIMs. The success of alumni is always decisive for the success of a course of study and a university.

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