MCA Syllabus, Subjects, All Semester 1st Year, 2nd Year

MCA Subjects & Syllabus : – Master of Computer Application (MCA) Course Structure for Subjects MCA 1st year Syllabus, MCA 2nd year Syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – MCA Semester I, MCA Semester II, MCA Semester III, MCA Semester IV. We have also assigned the subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyses the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Master of Computer Application (MCA) each semester. This course all subjects and syllabus can be availed semester by semester as given below – M.C.A. 1st Semester, M.C.A. 2nd Semester, M.C.A. 3rd Semester and M.C.A. 4th Semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Master of Computer Application (MCA) curriculum is detailed below.


mca syllabus
mca syllabus

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Master of Computer Application (MCA) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

mca subjects & syllabus
mca subjects & syllabus

Master of Computer Application (MCA) Semester Wise Syllabus

MCA Semester I

Master of Computer Application (MCA) 1st Years Syllabus – MCA 1st Semester


  • Computer Fundamentals and Programming Methodology Using ‘C’ (TMC101)
  • Computer Organization and Architecture (TMC102)
  • Operating System (TMC103)
  • Discrete Structure and Combinatorics (TMC104)
  • Statistical Data Analytics with R (TMC105)
  • Scripting Languages (TMC106)
  • Professional Communication & Carrier Skill -I (TMC107)
  • ‘C’ Programming Lab (PMC101)
  • Computer Organization and OS Lab (PMC102)
  • Scripting Language and R Lab (PMC103)
  • Seminar (SM101)


MCA Semester II

Master of Computer Application (MCA) 1st Years Syllabus – MCA 2nd Semester


  • Data Structure and File Organization Using C (TMC201)
  • Object Oriented Analysis and JAVA Programming (TMC202)
  • Computer Networks (TMC203)
  • Data Base Management System (TMC204)
  • Software Engineering and Project Management (TMC205)
  • Professional Communication & Career skill – II (TMC206)
  • Data Structure Lab (PMC201)
  • CN and JAVA Programming Lab (PMC202)
  • DBMS Lab (PMC203)
  • Project -I (MCP201)

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MCA Semester III

Master of Computer Application (MCA) 2nd Years Syllabus – MCA 3rd Semester


  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm (TMC301)
  • Machine Learning using Python (TMC302)
  • Automata Theory and Compiler Construction (TMC303)
  • Full Stack Web Development (TMC304)
  • Enterprise Architecture using C# (.Net) (TMC305)
  • Graphics and Visual Computing (TMC306)
  • DAA and (.Net) C# Lab (PMC301)
  • Compiler Construction Lab (PMC302)
  • Machine Learning and Full Stack Web Development Lab (PMC303)
  • Project – II (MCP301)


MCA Semester IV

Master of Computer Application (MCA) 2nd Years Syllabus – MCA 4th Semester


  • Business Intelligence and ERP Systems (TMC401)
  • Mobile Application Design and Development (TMC402)
  • Cryptography and Network Security (TMC403)
  • Dissertation (MCP401)
  • Comprehensive Viva-Voce (MCV401)
  • Seminar (SMC401)

As a general rule, the Master of Computer Application (MCA) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 2-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 4 semesters for the entire course. You are kindly informed that these course syllabus terms – MCA First Semester, MCA Second Semester, MCA Third Semester and MCA Fourth Semester given here are for reference only. You will follow your college or university subjects and syllabus so that there is no difficulty in your studies.

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