MPH Syllabus, Subjects, All Semester 1st Year, 2nd Year

MPH Subjects & Syllabus : – Master of Public Health (MPH) Course Structure for Subjects MPH 1st year Syllabus, MPH 2nd year Syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – MPH Semester I, MPH Semester II, MPH Semester III, MPH Semester IV. We have also assigned the subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyse the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Master of Public Health (MPH) each semester. This course all subjects and syllabus can be availed semester by semester as given below – M.P.H 1st Semester, M.P.H 2nd Semester, M.P.H 3rd Semester and M.P.H 4th Semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Master of Public Health (MPH) curriculum is detailed below.


mph syllabus
mph syllabus

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Master of Public Health (MPH) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

mph subjects & syllabus
mph subjects & syllabus

Master of Public Health (MPH) Semester Wise Syllabus


MPH Semester I

Master of Public Health (MPH) 1st Years Syllabus – MPH 1st Semester


  • Fundamentals of public health (MPH101)
  • Epidemiology (MPH102)
  • Biostatistics (MPH103)
  • Basic nutrition (MPH104)
  • Population and health (MPH105)
  • Social epidemiology (MPH106)
  • Human biology (MPH107)


MPH Semester II

Master of Public Health (MPH) 1st Years Syllabus – MPH 2nd Semester


  • Infectious diseases and control programmers (MPH201)
  • Public health nutrition (MPH202)
  • Quantitative research methods (MPH203)
  • Qualitative research methods (MPH204)
  • Health policy and planning (MPH205)
  • Immunology (MPH206)
  • Field study of public health programmers (MPH207)
  • Ageing & Society (MPH208)
  • Monitoring & evaluation (MPH209)


MPH Semester III

Master of Public Health (MPH) 2nd Years Syllabus – MPH 3rd Semester


  • Noncommunicable diseases, injuries and control programmers (MPh201)
  • Nutrition methods and techniques (MPh202)
  • Maternal and child health and programmers (MPh203)
  • Research project I (MPh204)
  • Diagnostics (MPh205)
  • Public health internship (MPh206)
  • Health Behavior (MPh207)
  • Social epidemiology II (MPh208)
  • Gender issues & health (MPh209)
  • Global Health Case studies (MPh210)

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MPH Semester IV

Master of Public Health (MPH) 2nd Years Syllabus – MPH 4th Semester


  • Health systems management (MPh301)
  • PH in disasters and outbreaks (MPh302)
  • Environmental and occupational health (MPh303)
  • Urbanization and health (MPh304)
  • Research project II (MPh305)
  • Integrative Medicine and Public Health (MPh306)
  • Health economics (MPh307)
  • Disability and public health (MPh308)
  • Bioethics, biosafety and regulations (MPh309)
  • Critical reading (MPh310)

As a general rule, the Master of Public Health (MPH) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 2-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 4 semesters for the entire course. You are kindly informed that these course syllabus terms – MPH First Semester, MPH Second Semester, MPH Third Semester and MPH Fourth Semester given here are for reference only. You will follow your college or university subjects and syllabus so that there is no difficulty in your studies.

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