Airtel Xstream Fiber Plans, What is Airtel Xtreme Fiber? Features of Airtel Xstream Fiber

What is Airtel Xtreme Fiber: Airtel Xtreme Fiber is a product of Airtel company. Apart from Airtel Xtreme Fiber, Airtel has many other products. Which includes fixed line telephone, mobile phone, broadband, satellite television, payment bank etc.

But today we will learn only about Airtel Xtreme Fiber in this article. In this article, you will get more important information related to Airtel Xtreme Fiber Installation Cost, its plan and what are its benefits. First of all, what is Airtel Xstream Fiber –

What is Airtel Xtreme Fiber

Airtel Xtreme Fiber is one of the fastest broadband networks. Which provides consumers with a seamless fiber-optic connection experience.


This internet connection goes with a speed of 1 Gbps, with the help of which quick cloud access can be obtained, all files, documents can be downloaded and uploaded with just a few seconds.

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Which has zero downtime. You can stream videos without any interruption with the help of Airtel Xtreme Fiber.

Airtel Xtreme Fiber is the most popular connection in today’s time due to its speed. Which is also used for regular activities, online business, and email etc.

Airtel Xstream Fiber is also great for entertainment in addition to business functions, you get to watch more than 550 TV channels here and all the popular OTT platforms including Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, etc.

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Apart from this, here you provide to access more than 1000 movies, web series, and serials. Airtel Xtreme Fiber is really great for office and home use. After installing it, you can use the internet without any interruption.


Why should you install Airtel Xtreme Fiber?

According to some statistics, the number of people using the Internet in India is 700 million. Most of these users mostly use social media.

Apart from this, the Internet is also used for work, information, education, and many other online tasks. All people all over the world use the Internet with the help of different devices.

For this we need a super fast speed internet. If you want to install a good speed internet, then you should choose Airtel Xtreme Fiber. Let’s know why Airtel Xtreme Fiber should be installed, what are its benefits –

1. Advantages of Fiber Optics Technology

The biggest advantage of fiber optics is the fast internet facility. Which moves at the speed of light. Fiber optics networks have more bandwidth than copper-wire broadband, because it transfers more data in a very short time.

Because of which it is most preferred by internet users. In fact, for users who transfer, or download, large files and documents.


2. High data transfer speed

As mentioned above, Airtel Xtreme Fiber offers you high speed data transfer facility. With the help of which you can transfer even the biggest videos without any interruption.

Whereas if we do not get a large file to see such a special speed in copper wired broadband. Apart from this, you can also enjoy video calling, gaming, and live streaming here.


3. Uninterrupted internet access even after connecting 64 devices

Airtel Xstream Fiber lets you connect up to 64 devices simultaneously with a WiFi router, or broadband connection. In all these devices, you can download or upload data simultaneously, without any interruption.

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Features of Airtel Xstream Fiber

  • Data upload and download 1 Gbps speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Solve the problem automatically
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Advanced Technology Router
  • Internet speed test


4. Airtel Xstream Fiber compatible plan

If you want to get an internet connection for your family, or for online classes for your children, or for your meeting, here you will find all the plans of your choice.

You have a very wide range to choose from Airtel Xtreme Fiber. You can choose your Airtel Xtreme Fiber plan with complete free, which gives you fast speeds up to 1 Gbps.


5. Airtel Xtreme Fibre Cost Effective

Apart from providing non-stop internet facility, Airtel Xtreme Fiber offers you many more benefits. In which you do not need to install a separate WiFi router, apart from this, you do not need to take any OTT subscription separately.

Also, you do not have to pay the installation cost of Airtel Xtreme Fiber, it is installed for free. This is what makes Airtel Xtreme Fiber cost effective.


6. Internet connectivity everywhere

Airtel Xstream Fiber is better than other fiber broadband because it provides good internet connectivity in almost everywhere.

Even in areas where other broadband does not provide good internet facility. For this you need to buy an upgrade plan, and you can use Airtel Xstream Fiber with good internet connectivity in any area.


7. One connection multiple features

Airtel Xstream Fiber also offers unlimited data and subscriptions to several OTT platforms. Which is different than all other broadband.

When you install a new connection to Airtel Xstream Fiber, you enter a new world. Here you also get a subscription to many OTT platforms like Wynk Music, Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime.

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If you want to upgrade your internet connection to something that offers you lower prices and more features, then you should go for Airtel Xstream Fiber Wired Broadband Connection. If you start your plan with Airtel Black, then you get a free fiber plan for one month.

If you are an existing customer of Airtel postpaid or DTH, then you can join the Airtel Black plan with a new fiber plan, from which you get one month fiber plan free.


Airtel Xtreme Fibre Plans


1. Fiber Plan at Rs. 499

Under this plan, you get 40 Mbps speed and unlimited data. Apart from this, you also get wynk music, Airtel Xstream app and unlimited calling facility, which you can access at high speed.


2. Fiber Plan at Rs. 799

In this plan, you get a speed of up to 100 Mbps, and you can enjoy unlimited voice calling. You can also access Shaw Academy, Wynk Music, and Airtel Xstream App.


3. Fiber Plan at Rs. 999

In this plan, you get a speed of 200 Mbps. With the help of which you can enjoy non-stop entertainment. You also get OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and ZEE5 here. With the help of which you can enjoy many TV channels and movies.


4. Fiber Plan at Rs. 1,499

In addition to unlimited calling in this plan, you also get a subscription to apps like Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream, Disney + Hotstar, ZEE5 Premium, and Amazon Prime.


5. Fiber Plan at Rs. 3,499

This plan is a VIP Fiber plan of Airtel. Under this plan, you also get a subscription to many popular OTT platforms in addition to the free Xstream streaming box.

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