10 Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps

Friends, in this post, we are going to know the information about Paytm Cash Earning Apps. Nowadays unemployment has increased a lot, due to which many people are thinking of earning money in some way or the other and in the way, the matter comes, how to earn Paytm Cash?


Everyone wants to earn some extra money. Whether it is a student or a job person, but they do not get the app, then they can actually earn Paytm cash. Even if they do, a lot of them are fake.

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Keeping this in mind, we have given information about the list of best Paytm money making apps in this post and we have also told about some new fantasy apps. If you also want to earn Paytm Cash, then read this article till the end. So let’s know, the information about the Paytm cash earning app –


Paytm Cash Earning Apps 

First of all, let us know whether you can really earn Paytm Cash? And you earn, how much you can earn. Whatever Paytm cash earning app we are telling about in this post, it is all genuine and verified app. Millions of users are using all these apps and are also earning money.

All these apps have different ways to earn Paytm Cash and the withdrawal of all the apps is also different. We will learn about it in detail further.

Using these apps, you can earn 500 to 9000 rupees every day. You can not earn different amounts from all the apps. Rs 100 from an app and Rs 500 from an app.

So if you really want to earn Paytm Cash, then it is very important to know information about all the apps. So next we will know the list of all the apps.

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1. Frizza – How to earn free Paytm cash

Frizza app is also a very good Paytm cash earning app. The name of the company that created the Frizza app is also Frizza. You can easily download the Frizza app from the Play Store.

Frizza app is used by a lot of users, about 50 million people have also installed it.

There are many options available to earn money, using which you can earn money, such as watching videos, reading news or articles and downloading any other app from here.

Apart from this, there are other ways to earn money. Refer & Earn etc. If you refer a friend to you and he joins, then both of them also get money.

The best advantage of joining this app is that you will always get some tasks. The task never ends here. Whatever tasks you complete, the money for all those tasks comes to your wallet.

If you make a lot of money, then you can send all that money to your Paytm wallet. With this money, you can meet your needs.

App Name Frizz
Rating 4.0 Star
App Size 20 MB
Download 5 Million +

2. Roz Dhan App

Rose Dhan is a very old and popular app. This app gives some bonus i.e. 50 rupees free while adding a new user.

Apart from this, if you add someone to your link, then you can earn by referring you very well here. You get 12 rupees for each referral.

Apart from this, there are other ways to earn money, such as completing profiles, answering questions and reading posts.

Not only this, but you also get money to play the game. You can not earn much money in all these ways, just some money.

This is a reliable app. You can also say the best app to earn money by playing the game. More than 1 million users have installed the Roz Dhan app and the best thing is that the user has also given a very good rating.

App Name Roz Dhan
Rating 3.8 Star
App Size 21 MB
Download 10 Million +

3. Pocket Money App

Pocket Money is also very popular. You must have known from its name, that it is a pocket money earning app.

You will get a lot of tasks in Pocket Money, by completing them you can earn a lot of money in it.

There are many options to earn money in Pocket Money. You can not earn much money from this app, but you can withdraw some of your expenses.

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To earn Paytm Cash in Pocket Money, the first option comes to refer & earn. You can earn up to 160 rupees every day from here by adding your friends. Daily tasks are also available here.

In offers, you will find many such apps in which you get a chance to earn from one app from Rs 5 to Rs 50, but all these apps have some different conditions.

If you are fond of reading articles, you can also read here. Apart from these options, you also get the option of Money Game, Money Quizzes, Fun Games in this app.

Whatever money you earn, you can send it to Paytm wallet. The Pocket Money app has been installed by more than 1 million users.

Many people are withdrawing their pocket money from this app and that user has also given a rating of 4.3.

App Name Pocket Money
Rating 4.3 Star
App Size 17 MB
Download 10 Million +

4. Cash Boss App

Cash Boss This Paytm cash earning app is a little different. In this, you can recharge with the money you earn by doing a lot of tasks and also send it to Paytm Wallet. Registering with Cash Boss is easy.

You can sign up by just entering the mobile number.

You also get a referral bonus when you sign up. There is also a chance to earn by wheel spin. To earn money in this, you have to download the app.

You can also see how much work has been completed and how much is in progress.

You also get money for inviting your friends. Cash Boss is a reliable app. You can earn as much money as you need just to recharge from the Cash Boss app.

Cash Boss App has been installed by more than 10 million users and the Cash Boss app has also got a rating of 4.0+ by the user.

App Name Cash Boss
Rating 4.0 Star
App Size 6.8 MB
Download 1 Million +

5. 4Fun Lite App

Apart from earning money in 4Fun App, you can do other things. You can do a secure private chat. You can also play a variety of games. Amazing prizes are unlocked while doing the task.

Apart from this, you can also do group chat.

You can also make friends in it. You can also upload photos and videos to 4Fun. You get a lot of features in this app. 4Fun is a very popular app.

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This app has been installed by more than 1 million users.

The 4Fun app has been rated 4.0+ by the user. You can call 4Fun a good paytm cash earning app.

App Name 4Fun Lite
Rating 4.0 Star
App Size 52 MB
Download 10 Million +

6. Paytm First Games App

You must have known from the name of this app that it is a product of Paytm, yes it is of Paytm. You will not need to install this Paytm First Game App separately.

You will find this app in the Paytm app itself. Paytm First Games is a very reliable app, because it is the most popular Paytm app.

In Paytm First Games, you can earn money by playing games. You get a lot of games in it. Apart from this, free games are also available.

There is a little risk in this game, because it can get used to it. If you are an expert in this, then think of earning money through it, otherwise it will be good if you do not use it.

If you are an expert and play well, then you can earn a lot of money from here. Whatever money you earn from Paytm First Games, you can send it to Paytm Wallet and also send it to the bank.

If you play the right game, then this will be the best Paytm cash earning app for you. If you download the app from this button and enter the refer code suncha 514, then you will get a bonus of up to ₹ 500.

7. MPL App

Nowadays everyone knows about MPL and those who do not know, let us tell them that MPL is a very popular game-playing app.

MPL is a very reliable and secure app. MPL has been downloaded by millions of people. By the way, MPL ads are always running on the Internet or YouTube. In this, you do not need to invest your own money first to earn money.

When you join, you get some bonuses. You can win money by playing with it. You can also play cricket leagues in it. Some free leagues also run in the MPL.

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There are so many games in MPL, that there will be no need to download any other app or game.

If you can play any game well and you are an expert in that game, then this can prove to be the best Paytm Cash earning app for you.

Apart from playing games, you can also earn money by inviting it. Most new people earn by inviting and playing games with the same money.

If you earn money in MPL in any way, then you can easily send those money to Paytm or bank. While playing this MPL, keep in mind that you do not get used to it.

You can play to make up some of your expenses. If you are thinking of making a lot of money from it, then you can be addicted to it.

8. Sharchat App

Sharechat This app is different from all the other apps above. This is a very popular short video app. You’ve probably heard the name Sharechat at some point.

In this, you can earn money by making your own short videos and uploading them. You can also call this sharechat app an alternative to TikTok.

Although there are many short video apps on the Play Store, there are only a few apps that have more users connected and are quite popular.

ShareChat is also one of them. Whatever you upload your short video and get views on it, according to that you get money there.

The refer & earn option is also available in Sharechat. If you can make good videos, then ShareChat can be the best Paytm cash earning app for you. Whatever money you earn in it, you can easily send it to your Paytm.

9. Winzo App

Winzo app is a very popular gaming app, but you can earn Paytm cash by playing games from this app. In this, you get to see a collection of more than 100 games.

With all these great games, you can entertain yourself, as well as you can earn Paytm Cash from those games.

Apart from earning Paytm cash by playing games in Winzo, you can earn Paytm Cash in other ways.

In this, you can earn Paytm cash by referring and playing a lot of contests and you can send these earned money to your Paytm wallet. So Winzo is a very good Paytm cash earning app and game for you.

App Name Winzo
Rating 4.2 Star
App Size 37 MB
Download 10 Million

10. Big Cash App

Big Cash is also a Paytm cash earning app. In this app, you have to play games to earn Paytm cash. In this, you can earn real cash by playing games.

Big Cash has a lot of popular games to play, such as car race, football, fruit chops, bulb smash, knife hit, cricket, soccer, and many more games are included in this Big Cash app.

If you like to play games and you are very good at playing games, then no one can stop you from earning Paytm cash from this app.

Challenges also run in the Big Cash app, you can also earn money by joining these challenges.

In this, you can earn money by referring and sharing the game. If you earn 50 rupees, then you can send it to your Paytm wallet. If you play the game well, then you can earn 200 to 400 Paytm cash every day. In this, you also get a bonus on completing some tasks.

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