Application Letter for Bank Statement: Format, Sample Letter (2023)

Bank Statement: (Letter Format Sample) Application Letter for Bank Statement.


Application Letter for Bank Statement

The Branch Manager,
ABCD Bank of India,
XYZ Address, Bhopal.

Date:- Date/Month/Year (mention your Date)

Subject:- Application letter for bank statement.

Requested Sir/Madam,
With due respect, I want to tell you that I urgently need my bank account statement for the last 8 months (as your needs month) because I am applying for a car loan (mention your reason) from a finance company and the company needs my bank a/c statement to approve my loan. My account number is “ 3223727753277 (mention your Account Number ) ”.

Therefore, kindly please give my bank a/c statement as soon as possible.

Thanking You,
Signature  (Write your Signature )


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