Statement Request Letter to Bank: Format, Sample Letter (2023)

Bank Statement: (Letter Format Sample) Statement Request Letter to Bank.


Statement Request Letter to Bank

The Branch Manager,
ABCD Bank of India,
XYZ Address, Pune.

Date:- Date/Month/Year (mention your Date)

Subject:- Statement request letter for my bank account.

Requested Sir/Madam,
My name is “Suraj Patel (mention your name ) ” and I am a current account holder in your branch. Recently I applied for an education loan (mention your reason) in EXAMPLE PVT. LTD company (mention your company). Now, the company want my bank account statement for the last three months  (as your needs month). Therefore, I humbly request you to provide my Bank A/C statement. The details of my bank account are as follows:

Account Holder Name:-  Suraj Patel (mention your name )
Account Number:-  73692835293 (mention your Number )
Registered Email:-  surajpatel764 @ gmail . com (mention your Email )
Aadhaar Number:- 8658474demo  (mention your Aadhaar Number )
Mobile Number:- 8454030demo (mention your Mobile Number )

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Signature (Write your Signature )


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