How to Become a DIG Officer? | Full Details, DIG Salary & Tips

Dig’s full form is Deputy Inspector General and it is called Deputy Inspector General of Police, if we talk about ranking, then dig’s rank is almost equal to Brigadier rank in the Indian Army.

The rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) is in the Indian Police just below the Inspector General of Police. It is a rank held by officers of the Indian Police Service,

who have successfully served as Senior Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police and are promoted to this rank.

DIG Officer
DIG Officer

Dig rank officers wear a Gorgate patch on their shoulder, which has a dark blue background and a white line on it, like SSP, there can be many digs in one state, there is no limit to the formation of digs and most states have many digs.


Dig ka full form

 DIG full form deputy inspector general.
D — deputy
I — inspector
G — general

How to Become a DIG Officer

Now we talk about what you have to do to make a dig, in most of the administry jobs in India, you can take entry in 2 ways either by being promoted or by passing an exam, but you can not clear any exam and become a direct dig because dig is made only by promoting.

If youwant to dig. So first of all, you will have to pass the civil services examination conducted by theUnionPublic Service Commissioni.e. UPSC or State Public Service Commission SPSC. If you pass the UPSC exam, you become an IPS and your posting is as an SP.

And from sp post, you become dig by promoting for 14 years and if you pass upsc exam then your posting becomes dsp and about10 to 15 years from DSP you become SP and then in 14 years you become dig by promoting.

What are the requirements to create a dig?

To make Dig, it isvery important for the candidate to be a graduate, no matter how much percentage of your graduation, it does not matter, it means that the candidate must have any bachelor degree, your pcs in every state.

And those pcs state diside the age limit and age relaxation of the candidate on the basis of reservation, such as in madhya pradesh there is an age limit of 30 years and the student of ST SC category also gets 5 years of age relaxation, then the exam patternof UPSC and SPSC is almost the same.

The only difference is that upsc has national level questions. And in SPSC, there are state level questions, that is,upsc exam is a little different from SPSC exam, upsc and spsc procces, you have to give prelims first, then minus and then last I have your interview, in addition to 3 steps, there is also a physical test in which first your height is measured and then race and then last I chest have.

How many times can you attempt in UPSC?

So if you are of general category then you can attempt 3 times in UPSC and if you are of OBC category then you can try unlimited attempt with 6 times and ST, SC category.
So by now you have known in this post that How to Become a DIG Officer, what is the full form of dig, what is the exam to become dig and what is the process of becoming dig.

What is dig’s salary?

Now the question in your mind will definitely be that after the digis made, how much is its salary, if you talk about the salary of dig, then it is different in every state, the salary of dig is from Rs. 37400 to Rs. 67000 on the basis of 6th pay scale CPC and apart from this, you get other expenses separately and basic 7th pay scale cpc I get monthly gross salary by Rs. 202000.
And after passing the UPSC exam, the candidates who become DIG become IG after being promoted in 3 years and only a few of the candidates who have become DIG after passing the SPSC exam are promoted to ig rank.

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