10 Best Smart TV, Ultra HD Android LED Smart TV 4K

Different types of brands make LED TVs across the country. Which is being used in most of the houses. Nowadays people are investing more in LED TV than taking normal TV. Because it has many benefits. It is adjusted on the wall in your house itself.

You don’t need a separate space for this. A lot of technologies have been used in these TVs. Today we are going to tell you about 10 such best LED TVs in India.

It offers LED Chromecast technology. Android phones are considered to be the best operating system for so many smart TVs.

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LED TVs have become an everyday necessity nowadays. It is not easy to describe its properties. The place of TV has become important in everyone’s homes. Because everyone is directly and indirectly dependent on TV.

At the same time, TV is considered to be one of the most important sources for entertainment. If you also want to know about such TVs. So today we will tell you about 10 such best LED TVs.

You can also connect these LED TVs with computer speakers and Android phones through the Internet. In these smart TVs, apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video are already installed for you. Through which you can play YouTube on your TV.

You can give all the videos of Amazon Prime on your TV. Today we are going to tell you about the 10 best LED TVs. Which will make your daily life easier. HOPE YOU WILL LIKE THESE 10 BEST LED TVS TOLD BY US.


Top 10 Best LED TVs in India

There are not one but many company’s LED TVs in the Indian market. But we have shared the 10 Best LED TVs in India below. It is the most famous company and the best LED TV. Which you can buy according to your budget. Let’s know about these 10 LED TVs –

1. Mi TV 4X 138.8 Cm (55 inches) Ultra HD Android LED Smart TV

MI is today’s most famous brand. It is extremely famous in the phone industry. The phones made by it are very much liked by the customers.

Today we will tell you about the LED TV made by this. This TV made by Mi is provided with 4K HDR 10. It also provides color accuracy.

In this TV, you get the right tone with 10 built-in panels. You can install any app from the Play Store present in it. And you can enjoy his entertainment.

Mi TV allows you to watch news at the click of a button. You are able to chromecast your devices with a TV for entertainment. You are provided with features like data saver in this TV. With the help of which you can watch up to 3X through the same mobile network.

How much data is used? The data counter will notify you when you use it. You can see all installed App programs on the screen.

This TV has the latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor by the Mi company. It is provided to customers with multiple ports. Such as 3 HDMI, 2 USB and SPDIF.

You will also be able to use Bluetooth in it. It will be made available to you in the market with a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for such an LED TV. Then this is the right choice for you. TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE 10 BEST LED TVS. So that your life can be easier.

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2. TCL  138.78 Cm AI4K UHD Smart LED TV

Today we are telling you about the 10 best LED TVs. Built by TCL, this LED TV is made available to customers with AI voice interaction.

This 55-inch LED TV made by TCL company is run by AI technology. LED has 9.0 OS. This UHD smart TV is a very modern LED TV. You can also enjoy Netflix, YouTube, etc. from it. HDR standard LED TVs will be better for you.

This LED TV made by TCL company is capable of reaching all channels with the remote with the help of microphone. The high quality and modern technology of this TV is popular.

You can access and connect this TV with other devices. You will get to see a great display of pictures in it. This is the best performing LED TV in the list of 10 best LED TVs. May be able to adjust to the darkness.

This TV of TCL has SCR technology. Due to which you can experience dark colors and a clean picture. It has AI information.

Which is better than audio quality. You can download a variety of apps and games in it. Google can also be used in this.

You can also get other applications with the help of Google. It is made available in the market with a 1-year warranty. Which can be run independently for a long time.

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3. Sanyo 139 Cm Kaizen Series  4K UHD  LED Smart TV

The Sanyo company is extremely famous in the television industry. This TV is available with Super Brighter 4K panel, Dolby Audio Perfect Picture and Crystal Clear Audio. In Sanyo’s smart TV, you get a 4K UHD display.

Its quality is capable of giving a clear picture. It helps to reproduce 1.07 billion colors. We have placed Sanyo TV LED TV in the list of 10 BEST LED TVS. Because its performance is the best. It is quite popular due to its high quality.

This smart TV is made available to you with 4K Ultra HD resolution. The Kaizen series present in it displays the best quality of entertainment on your TV.

Sanyo is a TV running on Android 9.0. Which is certified. You are able to download your favorite app in it. And all the apps can entertain.

It also gives you a lot of memory. In which you succeed in your favorite songs and videos. In this, you get a quad core CPU.

Inside Sanyo’s great smart TV, you get triple core GPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. A voice assistant is present. Through which you can search anything on Google through your voice. You can connect it to your phone, laptop and computer etc.

through its audio ling technology. It is provided to you with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can run it independently for a long time. Its superior performance will live up to all your expectations.

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4. LG 139 Cm 4K UHD LED Smart TV 55UM7290PTD

This LED TV that comes with AI feature is capable of taking your entertainment to a unique level. In LG’s TV, you get a 4K IPS display.

Which is capable of giving you a 4K experience with bright colors. IPS technology makes your TV even more good.

With IPS technology, you can sit and watch your TV from any angle. Among the 10 best LED TVs so far, the best LED TV is the best LED TV out of all the best LED TVs so far.

It has the AI ThinQ feature present. With the help of which you can enjoy more than 4 times the screen resolution. The 4K HD HPR feature works to keep the colors in a great range.

The True Color Accuracy feature is an exciting feature of this LG TV. This feature helps to provide bright color as well as distribute different colors.

This LED TV with quad core processor comes for noise elimination and dynamic color contrast combination.

This is a great LED smart TV that comes with a unique home dashboard. With the help of which you can connect your other devices with it. In this, you are able to create your daily routine. In this smart TV of LG, you have to take the help of its remote.

In this, you are also provided with Bluetooth facility. From which you are able to connect your home theater, sound bar and Bluetooth headset.

This TV comes with 3 HDMI and two USB ports. Lg’s LED TV has been provided by the manufacturers with a 3-year warranty.


5. Kodak 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

 Kodak 55 inch LED TV you get 4K TV with Android OS. It has a variety of features such as zero dot IPS panel and a piano black finish body.

It comes with an extremely attractive design. With the help of TV, you can experience immersive audio visuals. This smart TV is provided with an in-built 24W output speaker. Which gives perfection to the voice reaching you.

This TV from Kodak displays you on a wider visual screen by applying different levels. LIST OF 10 BEST LED TVS This is one such TV.

Which gives you excellent image depth. With this, you get a voice-enabled Bluetooth remote. Which helps you find your favorite application as soon as possible.

You are able to watch thousands of shows in it. It also gives you the convenience of playstore. Agronomically designed, this LED TV is sleek and thin.

Kodak LED TV is provided to you with a remote. Which makes all your tasks easier as well as being set in your hands. It is powered by a Cortex A53 quad-core processor coupled with the Mali 450 GPU. Which gives you a pleasant and smooth experience.

Like all LED TVs, it also has many ports available. In this, you will get all the features related to HDMI, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity etc. It is available in the market with 1 year warranty


6. Hisense 139 Cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The 4K HDR panel is flaunted by this smart TV from Hisense. It supports all types of displays like HDR10 Plus HDR10 HLG and Dolby Vision.

Its panel is surrounded by thin on three sides. Bezels that are designed in a modern way. You can also join it on the wall. And with the help of the cabinet, you can keep it stable in one place. It is powered by 6 JBL speakers. By which you can enjoy the clear sound of 102W.

In this list of 10 best LED TVs, we are telling you about this Hisense 139 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. Because it is popular for its superior performance.

With the help of Dolby Atmos present in it, you can enjoy an amazing audio at your home. Its interface makes cleaning easy due to being smooth. With the help of Play Store, you may be able to install your favorite application in it.

Using the 4K UHD technology present in this TV, you can enjoy favorite shows on the screen. You get it already installed in this TV.

Which is installed with the help of Google Chromecast. It has 3 HDMI ports. Apart from this, you are also provided with 2 USB ports, Ethernet port, digital out and an audio jack. Customers are given a 1-year warranty by manufacturers for longer duration.


7. Vu 139Cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD Smart Android LED TV

Vu is also one of the old and prestigious brands. You can enjoy the 4K world at your home with the help of this smart TV.

With this TV of Vu, you get features like Ultra 10 and Dolby Audio. In this, you are able to download any app with the help of Google Play Store. But this LED TV is provided to you with YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and some other pre-installed apps.

With the press of a button, you are able to watch your favorite show.

In this LED smart TV of Vu, you have been given an ultra edge 4K display. This TV offers customers pictures with a great brightness of 40 percent. At the same time, 30W box speakers are able to provide the best quality sound with the help of Dolby Audio.

It can be connected with other devices. To connect, this TV of Vu has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. So that you can enjoy the favorite show by connecting any device.

Vu Smart TV, included in the list of 10 best LED TVs, is capable of showing you better performance. The ultra secure parental block system is used by 4K TVs.

With this help, you can block the application. Which is not worth watching for children. This LED TV has been made available in the market by manufacturers with a 1-year warranty.

If you are preparing to take an LED TV. So this can be a better option for you.


8. Samsung Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Samsung’s LED Smart TV is the best TV. Which is available in the range of 50K. Samsung’s equipment is famous all over the country.

Its high quality products are purchased by customers. It offers smart LED TVs in various sizes. It has a crystal 4K UHD display. Which displays a picture of amazing colors on the screen. So that the picture you see is clear. It is provided with the facility of 4K HD resolution.

The HDR feature present in it further highlights the expression of the TV. Samsung’s smart TV provides a crystal 4K strong processor. It also provides ambient facilities.

With the help of which you can mirror the contents of your laptop and computer to the screen of the LED TV. To increase your entertainment level, Samsung company’s Smart LED has a screen mirroring feature.

With the help of which you are able to put the content of your phone on the screen of the LED TV.


The LED TV has features of gaming enhancer for children. This feature allows you to play games on the big screen with the help of high-quality graphics.

You can also enjoy Alexa in it. You are provided with a 1-year warranty by the company. With the help of which you can be able to run this LED TV independently for a long time.


9. Micromax 139.7 Cm (55 inches) 4K UHD LED Certified Android TV

This LED TV from Micromax is extremely popular for providing a limitless experience in the world of entertainment. It has the facility of Google Play Store. With the help of which you are able to install more apps along with the preinstalled app.

Micromax’s LED TV has Dolby DTH technology. In addition, 30W surround speakers are present to provide a high quality delivery. That separates you from the outside world. And encourage to enjoy the world of entertainment.

The CLCP technology present in it is capable of showing you high quality pictures. It has 4K resolution and other features. You will not feel any kind of boredom while using this great LED TV. That’s why we have put it in the list of 10 best LED TV TVs.

Its screen is 55 inches, which you get in an affordable price of 50000. You can also use your social media in this. And you can get all the information related to it.

This Android certified LED TV makes your entertainment world great. In Micromax’s LED TV, through the belt from, you are able to bring songs or movies to your LED screen.

Along with this, you are also provided with a fast cast feature. You are able to see HD TV from any angle. In this, you get front firing speakers. Which gives you a great experience. You are made available in the market with a 1-year warranty.

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10. Kevin 140 Cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KN55UHD-PRO

This is the cheapest and most affordable LED smart TV available in our list of 10 best LED TVs. It has a 55-inch 4K display as well as a 4K UHD TV.

It is made available in the market for only $30,000. Kevin that this brand is one of the famous brands. Kevin’s TV will already get a lot of application downloads.

But that does not mean that. That you can not download your favorite applications in it. You are able to install any app with the help of Google Playstore present in it.

Kevin’s smart TV has the best Wi-Fi connectivity. There is also an option of autocorrect. The device to which you connect your LED TV once.

After that there is no need to connect it again, it connects itself due to the auto correct option. It is equipped with three sides with slim bezels. In this, you are provided with a dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. Which makes it even better.

You can also use voice technology in it by using the Sense app present in it. The screen mirroring technology present in it is extremely beneficial for you. The white color gamete technology present in it will be able to see very easily operated on the screen.

Quantum Luminit technology will show you converting reel life into real life. You can buy this cabin smart TV available with 1 year warranty from the market. We have given you complete information about this last LED TV present in the list of 10 best LED TVs.

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