MHM Syllabus, Subjects, All Semester 1st Year, 2nd Year

MHM Subjects & Syllabus : – Master of Hotel Management (MHM) Course Structure for Subjects MHM 1st year Syllabus, MHM 2nd year Syllabus all semester here. Subjects and Syllabus all Semester list – MHM Semester I, MHM Semester II, MHM Semester III, MHM Semester IV. We have also assigned the subjects and Syllabus for each year each semester so that you can easily analyze the course. Get a complete overview of the topics that appear in the Master of Hotel Management (MHM) each semester. This course all subjects and syllabus can be availed semester by semester as given below – M.H.M 1st Semester, M.H.M 2nd Semester, M.H.M 3rd Semester and M.H.M 4th Semester. The curriculum may vary from university to university. The Master of Hotel Management (MHM) curriculum is detailed below.


mhm syllabus
mhm syllabus

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Master of Hotel Management (MHM) Subjects & Syllabus All Semester

mhm subjects & syllabus
mhm subjects & syllabus

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) Semester Wise Syllabus


MHM Semester I

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) 1st Years Syllabus – 1st Semester


  • Hospitality & Tourism Business (MHM 101)
  • F & B Service Operation & Management-I (MHM 102)
  • Front Office Operation & Management-I (MHM 103)
  • Accommodation Operation & Management-I (MHM 104)
  • Food of India (MHM 105)
  • Research in Hospitality Industry (MHM 106)
  • Properties Development & Planning (MHM 107)
  • Workshop on soft skills (MHM 108)


MHM Semester II

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) 1st Years Syllabus – 2nd Semester


  • Food Production Operation & Management-I (MHM 201)
  • F & B Service Operation & Management-II (MHM 202)
  • Accommodation Operation & Management-II (MHM 203)
  • Hotel Information System (MHM 204)
  • Hotel workforce Management (MHM 205)
  • Food & Beverage Management (MHM 206)
  • Case Studies in Hospitality Industry (MHM 207)
  • Business Communication (MHM 208)

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MHM Semester III

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) 2nd Years Syllabus – 3rd Semester


  • Food Production Operation & Management-II (MHM 301)
  • Front Office Operation & Management-II (MHM 302)
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing (MHM 303)
  • Business Environment (MHM 304)
  • Principles & Practice of Management (MHM 305)
  • Customer Relationship Management (MHM 306)
  • Advance Culinary Skills (MHM 307A)
  • Advance F & B Service Operation & Management (MHM 307B)
  • Advance Front office Operation & Management (MHM 307C)
  • Advance Accommodation Operation & Management (MHM 307D)


MHM Semester IV

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) 2nd Years Syllabus – 4th Semester


  • Specialized Training Report & Viva-Voce (MHM 401)
  • Industry Integrated Practical Module

As a general rule, the Master of Hotel Management (MHM) program includes lectures, projects, exams, internships, Viva, and assignments. It is a 2-year course with 2 semesters per year and a total of 4 semesters for the entire course. You are kindly informed that these course syllabus terms – MHM First Semester, MHM Second Semester, MHM Third Semester and MHM Fourth Semester given here are for reference only. You will follow your college or university subjects and syllabus so that there is no difficulty in your studies.

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